Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

MG Cannon continually invest in the latest EV equipment, technology and staff training, with the latest high voltage tooling necessary to work safely on electric and hybrid vehicles.

EV Electric Vehicle Accident Body Repairs

Electric and Hybrid vehicles are becoming a far more common sight on our roads today and these vehicles require specially trained technicians to look after them. 

Here at MG Cannon we have invested in the latest EV electric car accident repair training through our manufacturer partners to ensure the correct knowledge is applied when repairing your specialist Hybrid & Electric vehicles.

Our expert trained technicians utilise the latest EV tooling, equipment and repair methods necessary, in line with the strict manufacturer procedures, to correctly power down and work safely on any Electric Hybrid vehicle at our bodyshop sites in Dorchester, Gloucester, Plymouth, Salisbury, Swindon and Westbury.

Latest EV Training & Equipment

Latest EV Training & Equipment

MG Cannon have the specialist knowledge and awareness of safe working practices when carrying our car body accident repairs on Electric Hybrid vehicles, which have high voltage components and systems. We are approved by leading EV car manufacturers including the pioneering electric car maker Tesla.

We also have an onsite electric vehicle charging station points for all EV customers to use whilst their vehicle is in with us for repair.

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